WATCH: Amazon Driver Delivers Package During SWAT Standoff

WATCH: Amazon Driver Delivers Package To Officer During SWAT Standoff With Armed Man

An Amazon delivery driver went above and beyond after handing off a package to a police officer during an active SWAT team standoff with a gunman, a viral clip shows.

The incident, which occurred last month in Cary, North Carolina, and was posted to TikTok, has recently amassed upwards of 7 million views, with social media praising the Amazon worker’s dedication to his job.

Amazon Deliveryman Drops-Off Package During 24-Hour SWAT Standoff, Viral Video Shows

“When you’re about your business…nothing will get in your way,” reads the caption to the video of the dramatic delivery.

The outlet reports that a SWAT team had allegedly been engaged in a near 24-hour standoff with the armed suspect, who was not publicly named.

But the deliveryman was undeterred and delivered the parcel in spite of the chaos.


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Driver Filmed Casually Handing Over Parcel To Police Officer in North Carolina Standoff With Armed Man

In the dramatic 1:11 minute-long clip, the driver, who hasn’t been identified as of Thursday (March 23), can be seen cooly walking up a street lined with police cars while officers bewilderedly looked on.

“In the midst of a standoff, he’s going to deliver his package,” the videographer states as the driver calmly walks through the police perimeter.

Officers did initially stop the deliveryman from crossing the property line, to which the courier hands the package over the a SWAT team member, who in turn takes it towards the apartment.

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The driver then proceeds to take out his phone to confirm the drop-off before taking a picture of the wild situation and casually walking away from the crime scene.

According to the Daily Mail, it’s believed the intended delivery recipient was locked in or out of their apartment as per protocol during police standoffs.

Social Media Praises Man For Following Through With Dangerous Delivery

Regardless, social media praised the man for following through with the delivery, with one commenter posting: “Now that’s what you call AMAZON PRIME.”

“Package delivery note was ‘handed to SWAT officer,’ ” joked another commenter. “Their slogan is rain, sleet, snow or standoff.”

Another noted the driver must have been “more scared of (Amazon owner) Jeff Bezos than getting taken out.”

Meanwhile, other Amazon workers who commented on the viral video said the courier’s response was less an act of bravery and more of an act of job self-preservation, with one claiming he would have gotten in trouble for not delivering the package.

“I used to work as an Amazon delivery driver,” claimed one purported courier. “If you didn’t deliver all your packages you’d get in trouble.”

According to Amazon guidelines, they will “refund any shipping fees associated with that order” if an order isn’t delivered by a specified date.

Armed Man Reportedly Killed Himself, While His 11-Year-Old Son Sustained A Gunshot Wound As Well

ABC 11 reports that police had arrived on-scene after an armed man barricaded himself and his 11-year-old son inside the Windsor apartments in what was described as a hostage situation.

The standoff reportedly ended after the unidentified man took his own life, according to the outlet.

His son also sustained a gunshot wound, but survived.

“I wanted to express my condolences to the family of the individual who was in crisis today,” said Cary Police Chief Terry Sult.

Sult went on to say: “It’s always a sad time when someone is in crisis, and it should bring attention to mental health across this country.”


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