Ari Fletcher Reacts To G Herbo's Taina Williams Cheating Reveal

WATCH: Ari Fletcher Reacts To G Herbo Admitting He Cheated With Taina Williams: ‘Back Then I Would’ve Loved That’

G Herbo recently admitted that he cheated on his previous girlfriend, Ari Fletcher, with his now-girlfriend, Taina Williams. The Caresha Please episode featuring that conversation now has over 4.3 million views, and it looks like Fletcher also caught her ex-boyfriend’s admission.

She responded to his admission over the weekend during an interview with content creator Raymonte. And her reaction is seemingly giving ‘a day late and a dollar short’ energy!

“I’m not gon’ lie, I kinda always wanted him to be upfront and honest because I always felt like it was just me fighting against all these people and trying to tell my truth.

To just say, ‘this sh*t crazy, I’m wrong.’ You could’ve just did that all along. But you know, people gon’ do what they do. It’s like now at this point I don’t really care. Back then, I would’ve loved that, like thank you! Take this weight up off my shoulders, let these people know I’m not out here tripping.”


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Meanwhile, Taina shared photos of an apparent date night with G Herbo at a bowling alley. Her caption said, “El oh elllll.” 


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G Herbo Admits He Cheated On Ari Fletcher On Caresha Please Episode

In the December episode, Yung Miami asked Herbo if he cheated on Ari with Williams.

He responded, “yeah,” adding:

“Technically, yeah. Why? I was young, I was dumb, I ain’t know no better. Man, I was just doing sh*t. You feel me? Just cheating. I ain’t gon say I was just cheating, but it’s like me and Ari was at a space…,” Herbo admitted, adding that he’s already privately apologized and spoken to Ari about the topic. “We was at a space where like I like said, mentally I be going through sh*t and I gotta separate myself from sh*t. Me and her was having our differences, but that was no excuse to cheat on her. That was not why I cheated on her.”

His admission comes years after Fletcher claimed Williams had sexual relations with G Herbo while she was experiencing postpartum depression following the birth of their son Yosohn. Herbo also confirmed Ari’s depressive struggle while on Caresha Please. 

Watch the full episode here:

In August 2020, footage surfaced of G Herbo’s 2019 arrest for assaulting Fletcher, who reportedly sustained minor scratches. He was charged with simple battery (domestic violence) but later pled guilty, which resulted in 12 months probation and 150 hours of community service, along with a mandated 24-week family violence intervention program.

The resurfaced arrest video included a bombshell–Herbo seemingly admitting to cheating on Taina with Fletcher two days before the arrest. In his heated rant, Herbo explained that he was trying to collect his jewelry from Fletcher but that she refused to give it back.

Herbo said:

“For what it’s not even worth it. For what! She could have just gave me my sh*t. Why she want to hold on to me? She want to f*ck me or something? What is it, we did that already. I just f**keed her the day before yesterday.”

Ari Reveals She And G Herbo Are ‘In A Great Space’

G Herbo’s admission and Ari’s reaction come months after she revealed that they’re “in a great space” back in October.

“Co-parenting is great, and you know it took a long time. We just in a great space and I pray to God that we can just stay right here where we at. Everythign is smooth, it’s cool, ain’t no drama, it’s really good. He’s a great dad, I’m a great mom and I think that like we got like a healthy co-perenting relationship,” Ari said during a WGCI interview.


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Her update on their co-parenting relationship sharply contrasts their energy in late March when Fletcher accused Taina of being mean to Yosohn. Taina responded by saying Ari was creating a false narrative. But Fletcher doubled down on her accusations, even sharing audio of Yosohn saying he doesn’t like Williams and that she hits him.


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