VIDEO: Big Scarr's Dad Thanks Gucci Mane For Funeral Offerings

WATCH: Big Scarr’s Father Thanks Gucci Mane For Funeral Contributions Amid Penny-Pinching Accusations From Sister

On Monday, Big Scarr‘s father joined the public discussion about Gucci Mane‘s contributions to the late rapper’s funeral costs.

And dad seems to have a different viewpoint of Gucci’s contributions to the funeral and the deceased’s career than Scarr’s sister and his friend Quezz Ruthless.

“First of all, I gots to send shoutout to Atlantic Records, man. They gave my boy a big boy chance. Gucci, I gots to send shoutouts to Gucci too, y’all. Y’all might not like it, but I got to give my boy what he did, man. He gave my son a major, major chance, man. I can’t let y’all throw dude under the bus like that. Come on now, the truth is the truth.”

The rapper’s father added that he didn’t give anyone permission to speak on Gucci’s donation. Additionally, the father said he isn’t looking for handouts, only what he feels rightfully belongs to his late son.

“I’m the one ain’t looking for nothing, I just want what rightfully belongs to my son. I ain’t asking for nothing else, I don’t want nothing else.”

Scarr passed away at age 22 in December after an accidental overdose of prescription pain pills, Scarr’s uncle Arthur Woods told TMZ. Named in the 2022 XXL Freshman Class, the rising Memphis artist was signed to Gucci’s 1017 label.

Here’s What Caused Big Scarr’s Father To Defend Funeral Contributions

Scarr’s father spoke out after allegations from Quezz and Scarr’s sister. This past weekend, Quezz claimed Gucci ghosted the family after promising to pay the funeral expenses.

On Monday (January 9), Gucci’s wife, Keyshia Ka’oir, published a set of receipts from the funeral home in response to the accusations. She shared photos of two receipts from N.J. Ford & Sons Funeral Home. The first, totaling $10,000, was made on December 30, 2022. The second, totaling $10,000, was made on January 2, 2023.

“We also sent FLOWERS & not even a THANK U,” Keyshia wrote on her Insta-Story, along with a broken-hearted emoticon.


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After Keyshia reacted to the allegations, Scarr’s sister entered the chat. She confirmed Gucci, and “somebody on another team” sent $10,000 each. But, she also claimed the funds barely dented the $60,000+ burial tab and that they didn’t receive any flowers.

“That lil a** 10K ain’t help with sh*t but flowerssssss like I said he ain’t help with nothing TF outta here,” the sister captioned her video response to Ka’oir.

In the video, the sister doubled down on claims that Gucci asked for Big Scarr’s 1017 chains back–a claim Quezz also made. However, it seems like Keyshia did not address this allegation in her response.

“The money don’t even matter. You asking for them chains back. But anyway, the funeral was gon get paid for regardless. That lil’ a** money, that’s why we said he ain’t help us with sh*t. Ion give a f**k about that BMW, posting receipts, none of that sh*t.”

The sister also shut down internet speculations that Big Scarr didn’t have life insurance. Instead, she confirmed that he did because the family “made sure he was good.” Then, she threw out another receiptless accusation.

“Yeah, he had life insurance, Gucci probably had some on him too, but y’all got him f**ked up,” the sister claimed.


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After video clips of Big Scarr’s sister’s clapback started circulating, Keyshia spun the block with another receipt. She shared a photo of a five-foot-tall, white floral arrangement adorned with white ribbons. The arrangement spelled “1017.”


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Big Scarr’s Dad Says Gucci And Atlantic Was ‘Best Thing To Happen’ To Scarr, Says Call-Outs Are ‘Wrong’

In the January 9 video, Scarr’s father confirmed Keyshia Ka’oir’s receipts, saying, “Gucci sent us ten bands; I covered the rest.” 

He continued–mentioning his appreciation while denouncing the accusations made without naming Scarr’s sister or friend.

“Certain things were said that shouldn’t have been said. It was wrong. Man to man, I wish somebody would’ve just dialed my number and talked to your guy one hundred. All this out of control. Gucci and them, they the best thing to happen to my son. Nobody deserves this here.

He also confirmed that Gucci sent flowers, thanking him and anyone else who did so.

“[Gucci] did what he could. He ain’t have to do none of that,” the father said. “I just wish I was the one being talked to so we could have that understood.”

The father added that Gucci texted his condolences, and though he wished it would’ve happened in person or a phone call, the father is still appreciative of the effort.


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