Watch The Moment A Father On Deployment Surprises His Son With A Visit

Watch The Moment A Father On Deployment Surprises His Son With A Visit

Roommates, grab your tissues, make-up wipes, cleanser — whatever you need to secure the tears that will fall after you witness this parenthood moment between a father and his son.

There’s countless stories floating on the web that highlight the beautiful relationship between parents and their children. However, anyone who is a parent or guardian, can understand how tricky it is to capture this bond with words. The love lives beyond distance or time apart, especially for these two.

In a circulating video timed at 45 seconds, a little boy named Benji is seen snoring (not literally) away in his seemingly comfy twin bed. Suddenly, his father enters the frame and tries to gently wake Benji. The dad, named Ralph, pulls back the duvet cover and taps and rubs Benji’s back. In response, his son attempts to wiggle away to the other side of his bed.

But dad doesn’t give up. He rubs his hair and leans in for a kiss on the cheek. Benji appears to get annoyed — maybe thinking his mama was the person trying to cut his sleep short. He hops up on his knees and comes face-to-face with his father.

Still shaking sleep, it takes a moment for Benji to realize who he’s staring at. When he does, he calls out “Daddy” and launches his body towards his father, wrapping his arms around his neck. Ralph picks Benji up from the bed and spins him in a tight hug.

Benji continues to repeat “Daddy” in a choked up voice that indicts heavy tears. Ralph comforts his son by holding him in that embrace and telling him “it’s alright.”


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The moment is heartwarming, yet undeniably sweet and special. Even in typing this, your writer shed a few big ones unto the keyboard chile!

The Shade Room spoke to the duo’s wife and mother named Meek Watts on her Instagram account. Meek revealed the behind-the-scenes details of her son’s loving reaction.

“My husband is away on a military deployment, during this video he made a surprise visit home,” Meek wrote in a message. “Our son didn’t know he was coming, so when he saw him that morning it was a complete and total surprise.”

Prior to the reunion, Ralph spent six months away from his family on military deployment. Now, the family unit is navigating an additional six months of his deployment.

While we are sending them light and love, we sure can’t wait to see Benji’s face when daddy is home again!

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