Man Allegedly Hits Woman In Face With Brick Over Phone Number

WATCH: Woman Says Man Hit Her In The Face With A Brick After She Rejected His Request For Her Phone Number

A man allegedly hit a woman in the face with a brick in Houston, Texas after she rejected his romantic advances. Over the weekend, the woman, listed as Rho Bashe on Instagram, tearfully recalled the incident.

She spoke of the physical assault on camera — while at the scene and while receiving medical treatment. Following the attack, Rho recorded a selfie video showing at least five other men in the vicinity of the incident scene. She began by saying she got hit in the face because she “wouldn’t give [the man] her number.”

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Amid her saying all the surrounding Black men “just watched,” one man shot back, “What you want us to do?” She responded that she wanted them “to be a man.” Eventually, she tells them, “f**k all y’all,” and seemingly walks away.

It doesn’t appear that Bashe caught the assault on camera. At this time, it’s unclear if any other footage of the incident exists or if Rho will be pressing charges. The man who allegedly committed the assault has not been publicly identified.

Woman Says She Was Trying To Buy Food When Man Attacked Her With Brick

The Shade Room has not spoken to Rho Bashe following the incident. However, she gave an additional update on the assault once hospitalized.

Tearfully, she expressed confusion about the attack. On the right side of her face, a large bump was visible. After attacking her, Bashe said the unidentified man allegedly got in a car without anyone confronting him.

“What have I ever done to anybody in my life to deserve this? I ain’t never did anything in my life to hurt anybody. Literally, a man asked me for my number, I said no and he picked up a brick in front of so many men, and was like what you gonna do? And I tell all these men, yo why this man got a brick n my face? He’s holding a brick and all these n****s watching and nobody does nothing. And he hits me in my face and they’re all just watching.

And they let that n***a get in a car. How is this okay? This what y’all doing to women.”

Rho Bashe claims she was out with a friend of five years, spending her own money and “not bothering nobody.” Moments before the attack, she says she was in the parking lot trying to buy some food.

The author said she didn’t think he would actually hit her, despite him allegedly positioning his hand to swing. In her mind, she was thinking, “Why is this n***a bossing up on me like this?”

“I never thought it was gonna happen yo. This is so wack. And he’s gonna get away with it, he got in a car. He got away, he ain’t never gonna get caught. He’s gonna move on, he’s probably at an afterparty right now having a good time. Do you feel good about yourself doing this to a woman? For what? All this violence against Black women is not okay. What did I do to deserve this? What is my defense against this?”


Woman Released From Hospital With Concussion, Social Media Discusses The Incident

Rho Bashe gave a third update nearly 12 hours after being hospitalized. Still tearful, she confirmed that she suffered a concussion from the brick blow.

She indicated that she received recommendations to rest for the next week. Rho also said she can’t chew for the next week.

With the incident allegedly happening before a planned birthday trip, she revealed that she feels “so afraid.”

It’s unclear if Rho plans to file a police report.

Meanwhile, the incident sparked a two-fold conversation online. On one hand, there were discussions about the dangers of rejecting men’s advances.

On the other, some users searched and shared some of Rho’s past online clips, which include her “slapping” two white men — one in the name of “reparations.” It’s unclear if the videos are staged or pranks. They also do not appear to be taken on the same day of the assault or related in any way.

Her self-proclaimed feminist identity and Somalian vs. African-American identity were also at the center of social media discussions.

Keep scrolling to see some of the mixed reactions: 

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