If you’ve been following J. Cole’s run in the game, you know he isn’t your modern-day traditional artist. He keeps to himself and when he comes out to play, he plays HARD!

As Y’all know, he recently released his fifth studio album, “K.O.D.” On the album’s closing track, Cole spits game to the younger generation of rappers, offering advice on how to have some longevity in their careers. When the song dropped, fans speculated that Cole was aiming the message in the song to Lil Pump. Cole never name dropped during the song, but because of the shots Pump took at Cole back in April 2017, people assumed “1985” was a diss track. However, in an interview, Cole basically said, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

Fast forward to the JMBLYA festival over the weekend (May 6). Cole was performing “1985” when he told the DJ to cut the music. When the music went off, the crowd started chanting, “f*** Lil’ Pump! F*** Lil’ Pump! F*** 6ix9ine!”

Cole shut the negativity down! “Don’t do that. Don’t say that,” he told the crowd. He then proceeded to spit the verse.

Kudos to Cole for setting an example! On top of all of that, he just announced his tour dates! Will you be in attendance, Roommates?!

Check out the dates and locations below!


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