We can confirm Tristan Thompson sent Sydney Chase cease and desist

We Can Confirm Tristan Thompson Definitely Sent Alleged Side Chick Sydney Chase A Cease & Desist For Alleging They Were Recently Involved

Chile, if you’re all caught up on the tea—as you should be—then you’ll know IG model Sydney Chase is alleging that she had a recent intimate relationship with Tristan Thompson.

Yesterday, there were reports claiming Tristan Thompson sent Sydney a cease and desist for her allegations.

Following that report, Sydney took to her Instagram story to claim that she never “received a cease and desist from anyone.”

As Maury would say—the lie detector test determined that was a lie—as The Shade Room can confirm that a letter was in-fact sent ‘cause we peeped it with our own eyes chile! We were able to obtain the legal docs sent to Sydney Chase by Tristan Thompson’s lawyer, Marty Singer, in which he demanded she provide receipts for her claims.

Although Sydney claims she never received anything, the letter, that was sent on April 30th, and again on May 4th, was sent to multiple email addresses that seemingly belong to her, including the exact address that is linked to her IG account.

We will keep y’all posted on this Roommates!


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