When you think #RnB music, I’m almost positive that #WizKhalifa is not the first person that comes to your mind—but he might be if his latest project performs well.

In an interview with @Power106’s #TheCruzShow, Wiz revealed that he is working on an RnB album and already has a whole 20 songs done!

“My next album is all singing. Like full on,” he said. If you’re wondering how he’s going to pull this off, he’s way ahead of you and has a vocal coach on lock! “Absolutely, 100 percent, I have a vocal coach. She taught me some things I didn’t even know about my voice,” he added.

We’ve heard Wiz sing a little here and there in some of his music, but not sing sing, like full on RnB album sing—but something tells me it may sound dope. What do you think #Roommates? You checking for some RnB from Wiz?

TSR STAFF: Thembi! @ThembiTV_