Whew! Roommates, Wendy has been having a WEEK okay! The veteran talk show host has been dippin’ and doin’ it since she’s filed for divorce from her husband, Kevin hunter, after 22 years of marriage. As you all already know, Kevin is being accused of stepping out of their marriage (a few times) and allegedly fathering a child with his mistress. Though Wendy took a lil’ break to get herself together, she’s BACK and she’s got a lot to say!

All week Wendy’s been very open about how she feels now that she’s out here single! She’s also managed to find some time during her segments to shade her estranged hubby. In her latest episode, she explained now that she’s single she’s “rediscovering her love of men.” And though she admits she doesn’t have a boyfriend (yet) she’s STILL living her best life, okay!

Wendy’s been out here enjoying her life and reconnecting with old friends. One in particular she talks about is DJ Mister Cee who apparently played a role in Wendy meeting Kevin back in the day. Well when she was telling her story about how they ran into each other in a club and started reconnecting, she mentioned Mister Cee introduced her to Kevin but also managed to throw a lil’ shade during the process:

In this clip below, see if y’all can catch the eye squint when it came to talking about women who sleep with married men. A little shout out to THOSE women who have the nerve to sleep with married men, “right up under your nose.” Oop!

Wendy has definitely come a long way since Van Jones caught her off guard when he referenced her marriage, CLICK HERE to watch the clip.

Seeing Wendy in better spirits is so refreshing, we all saw her very public meltdown so fans are here for this Wendy 2.0! Wendy hasn’t completely addressed alllllll the allegations surrounding her divorce, BUT clearly she’s in a better place and ready for the next chapter in her life, go ‘head Wendy!