Wendy Williams Couldn't Comprehend Talk Show Axe, Says Niece

Wendy Williams’ Niece Shares Her Aunt’s Initial Reaction To Her Talk Show Being Canceled

Wendy Williams’ family continues to share details about her health condition as her Lifetime documentary nears its release.

With the doc premiering today (February 24), it’s now been revealed that Williams had no idea her talk show was canceled when execs decided in 2022.

The Cancelation Of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

The former radio personality apparently couldn’t comprehend the news when informed about the decision. Earlier this week, Wendy and her care team revealed her 2023 dementia diagnosis.

Williams worked hard to claim her spot as an outspoken TV host in the talk show space. Ultimately, however, her deteriorated health prevented her from understanding that her show would wrap after the end of the 13th season.

The final months of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ saw Sherri Shepherd fill in for Wendy. The gig eventually landed Sherri her own daytime show, replacing Williams’ timeslot.

In an interview with CNN, Wendy’s niece, Alex Finnie, explained how hard it was to break the news to her aunt.

“I got serious, and I said, ‘I want to really explain something to you so that you can get this,'” she told Williams once the announcement had been made. “‘There’s no more Wendy Williams Show. They decided to cancel it. After so many fabulous seasons, this curtain has come down.'”

Despite Finnie’s attempts at explaining the situation, Williams was in denial, allegedly saying, “What are you talking about? Of course, I have the show.”

Her niece said that Williams eventually could comprehend the news after a little more convincing and further discussions with the show’s executives.

Symptoms Related To Wendy’s Dementia Diagnosis

The battle with dementia and aphasia may have contributed to her difficulties in understanding words while reading — a usual setback for those who struggle with these conditions.

Meanwhile, frontotemporal dementia can also cause personality changes that can be unrecognizable to friends and family members.

The Lifetime documentary reportedly showcases her personality changes and other challenges over the past two years. It was filmed after Wendy stepped back from her show.

Initially, the doc focused on her TV comeback. But during filming, it became clear that Williams was not ready to work again.

Roomies, let’s continue to keep Wendy Williams in our prayers!

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