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Wendy Williams Says She Has A New Doctor Bae!

If there’s anybody who knows how to kick off a hot girl summer, it’s definitely Wendy Williams. Sis is divorced, getting to her bag, making new friends, and meeting new men!

Recently, Wendy was strutting around with what seemed to be a new love interest, but she says otherwise! Wendy was out and about with 27-year-old  fashion designer Marc Tomblin. Well, he clearly wasn’t cutting it because Ms. Wendy is onto the next!

On the most recent episode of her show, Wendy speaks about her fling with Marc, and says she needs a grown man in her life.

“27-year-old boys quite frankly do fine me attractive,” Wendy says. “But when it comes time for the comfort of a man, I need somebody in his 50’s too.”

It looks like Wendy is no longer part of the cougar gang, and is ready to jump into the arms of another beau her own age.

Wendy doesn’t give us too many deets, but she does drop the one word that matters the most: DOCTOR!

Yes, y’all read that right. Wendy is out here trying to get that good old doctor lovin’!

Wendy says she is not in love yet, but she is in fact crazy about this new guy.

As we previously reported, Wendy and her estranged husband Kevin Hunter split up a few months back. Since then Wendy has been living her best life, and she will now be doing it with a new man.



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