Wendy Williams' Son Reportedly Evicted From Luxury Apartment & Sued For $70K In Unpaid Rent Amid Wells Fargo Freeze

Wendy Williams’ Son Reportedly Evicted From Luxury Apartment & Sued For $70K In Unpaid Rent Amid Wells Fargo Freeze

Kevin Hunter Jr., Wendy Williams‘ 22-year-old son, has allegedly hit a bump in the road regarding his tenancy at a luxurious apartment in Miami, Florida.

According to The US Sun, an eviction case was filed against Kevin back in August, and it’s related to him not paying rent at the apartment, which he had occupied since March 2021. The outlet also notes that Wendy paid for the entire first year in advance,

However, as The Shade Room previously reported, Wendy ran into some issues with her bank, Wells Fargo, earlier this year. Specifically, Wendy’s assets were frozen, and the institution wanted a “temporary guardian” to step in.

Kevin Hunter Jr.: “All Of The Financial Support That She Always Gave Stopped”

Due to Wendy’s banking situation, her 22-year-old son — a full-time student — was also impacted, as he relied on her support.

The US Sun reports Kevin had ultimately accumulated nearly $70,000 in back rent by the time the lawsuit was filed. In response, he explained that the situation was essentially out of his hands due to the Wells Fargo matter.

“My mom went through some health issues that put the court in control of her finances…All of the financial support that she always gave stopped.”

Kevin went on to explicitly note that Wendy “has not been able to pay the rent for the past months since the 1-year lease ended and the court controlled her finances.” He also pointed out that the situation “happened very quickly and unexpectedly.”

Reportedly, Kevin shared that he’d be moving out on September 7, though the specifics surrounding his new situation are unclear.

Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Has Also Recently Been Impacted

In addition to her son, Wendy’s ex-husband—Kevin Hunter Sr.—is also dealing with the consequences of her banking situation.

The U.S. Sun reports that Wendy’s ex opened up to the courts about how, since alimony payments ceased, he’s been unable to keep up with his living expenses.

“I have no money since the severance payments were suspended…My life has been greatly affected since the plaintiff stopped making payments under our settlement agreement.”

Kevin Hunter Sr. also filed to have the payments resume, though it’s unclear if he’ll be successful in this effort.


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