Welp, Roommates, #WendyWilliams seems to have found #JustinTimberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show lackluster af. She believes he has appropriated black culture and says he had the nerve to “cry like a baby” after he received backlash for it.

“So, sorry Justin that your career is in the toilet at this point. Sorry Justin that nobody liked your last album,” Williams began. As if that wasn’t enough of a read, she brought up the infamous ‘Nipplegate’ incident with #JanetJackson to solidify her argument.

“Sorry Justin that you’re crying like a baby, and sorry Justin that you have so much to say about this performance but nothing to say when you ripped Janet’s boob off,” she continued. Then, Wendy topped off her shade with “go back to Henry and Emily. They will always love you” as if to say “go back to your white audience.” Oop!

Some of Wendy’s fans took to Twitter to chime in on her rant from earlier that day. Check them out below:

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG
Source: https://youtu.be/_MfzZprhNcI

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