Looks like everything is peachy between Kanye West and Nick Cannon! If you missed the tea last week, Kanye addressed Nick, Drake, & Tyson Beckford in an Instagram video basically telling them to have some respect for his wife #KimKardashian. Nick fired back at Kanye in his own video and basically said he’s a grown man and can say what he wants to say.

According to @TMZ_TV, after they cooled down for a bit, sources say they exchanged numbers on IG and talked it out like grown men, which ended up being a long conversation.

Kanye expressed his issues with Nick over that VladTV interview, where he made some comments about Kim’s body. Nick let Kanye know that he didn’t like how Kanye came at him for speaking his truth, since he did date Kim in the past.

They both agreed to respect each other and put the situation in the past. Sources also said that they even talked about Kanye popping up on an episode of ‘Wild’N Out.’

Now all we need is Kanye to work it out with Drake and Tyson Beckford! Ye isn’t feeling Drake after rumors started circulating that Drake smashed Kim. Kanye felt like Drake should’ve put the rumors to rest and say that it never happened, but he has yet to speak on it. Kanye probably won’t ever be here for Tyson after he made a comment about not liking girls with fake bodies, and referenced Kim.