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What’s A ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Anyway? Ayesha Curry Doesn’t Have The Answers

Ayesha Curry is a woman of many trades. She’s a wife, a mother, a business woman and a bomb cook! One thing she is not is a hot girl…or is she?

In an interview on ABC News, Ayesha tries to give an explanation about what a hot girl is, but it’s clear she’s confused! The anchor tells Ayesha he thinks she’s a cool mom, and proceeds to ask her about the concept of a ‘hot girl summer’.

In a clip from the interview, Ayesha awkwardly attempts to answer the question and sis names every summer in the book! From hot girls, to city girls, to everybody acting up, Ayesha takes her best shot at giving a breakdown of what a hot girl summer is.

“Apparently theres this song out right now by a girl group called the City Girls,” she says. “I guess they want the nation to embrace that way of being. I guess it’s just being your best self in your own skin and living your best life, but in the summer.”

Ayesha’s explanation, although pretty spot on is catching the attention of social media users everywhere. Sis created her own version of a hot girl summer bringing in some flare from the city girls!

Hot girls everywhere are not here for Ayesha’s explanation, though! Hotties from all over have come to give her a run down of what a hot girl really is, including the number one hottie Megan Thee Stallion.

In a tweet, Meg clarifies being a hot girl is living the best life you possibly can! The term is truly up for interpretation as Megan wants to include all types of women.

“Being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically you, having fun, being confident, living your truth, being the life of the party etc,” she tweets. “Continue with your hot girl/hot boy summer.”

Megan created the hot girl summer trend shortly after her ‘Fever’ mixtape was released. As a baddie from Houston, Meg considers herself and her fans to be ‘hotties’, bringing a new type of girl to the summer since the City Girls had already taken over.

Is it a hot girl summer or a city girl summer for y’all, Roomie? Let us know in the comments!


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