When a Capricorn is in love, nothing in the world exists but them and their partner. Nothing. You won’t hear from them via text, email, Facebook Messenger—First Class Mail—NOTHING!


Aquarius ALWAYS has a boo. I’ve never met an Aquarius that was single!


Pisces loves being in love and can take it to the extreme sometimes. They just want that Fairy Tale romance and will try their best to make it happen.



When Aries is in love they are in LOVEEEE chile! When they’re single, oh, you besta’ believe that Aries is mingling! They keep it cute with the bodies though.



If Taurus is in love then they are one of the few who will ride with their partner until the wheels fall off. They understand that love takes work and dedication, so matters of the heart are definitely not taken lightly.



A Gemini who is truly in love is such a rarity only because people usually have a hard time figuring this sign out. However, you’ll know when it’s real, because they’ll show you every single day in many different ways 😏


When Cancer is in love, it becomes mildly obsessive, but don’t think about it too much. They just REALLY care. Like, REALLY.



Leo likes to display their affection so when they’re in love, you can expect walking into your house full of flowers or an orchestra playing beautiful music. They want you to see exactly they’re feeling about you and will pull out all the stops.



Virgo loves theatrics, so you can expect to be wined and dined until you drop!


Libra is extra chivalrous when they’re in love! They love that old-school courtship type of love.



Scorpio definitely brings the passion to whatever situation they’ve got going on. They’ll make their boo feel safe as they’re fiercely protective of those they love and will provide an abundance of love. It’s hard to win over a Scorpio and they’ll reward you for it.



Sag’s don’t fall in love y’all, but in the event that they do then you’ve got a partner for life no matter what goes down! Don’t eff it up!

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG