Now, Roommates, y’all know that we couldn’t leave out all the single folks on #ValentinesDay. What shenanigans are your Zodiac Sign up to when they’re single? Tell us if we nailed it in the comments!


A single Capricorn would rather stay that way. They don’t let just aaaanybody in and, to them, most people don’t deserve it anyway!


Aquarius ALWAYS has a boo. I’ve never met an Aquarius that was single!


Deep down inside, Pisces hates being single! Still, they’ll always be on the search for their Prince Charming to come rescue them from solidarity.


An Aries who is not in love is probably not going to be for a whiiile. Aries is one of the few signs who has a hard time getting over heartbreak.


A single Taurus is a focused Taurus. They feel a need to channel all of that emotion into something that will better them!


Gemini’s are the most fun when they’re single and that’s all I’m gonna say about that 🙃


A single Cancer is a fun Cancer. They are masters at flirting and being playful yet sexy with it.


Leo’s got hoes whether they’re single or not, so…🤷🏽‍♀️


A single Virgo is self-reflecting. They’re analyzing what went right and what went wrong in the last relationship in preparation for their next boo!


When Libra is single they are saaaangle, okrrrrr?! You won’t be able to pin them down even if you tried.


When Scorpio is single they are looking for their next victims! They enjoy getting a taste here and there of something different—you’re probably next!


If a Sagittarius is single then they are more than likely entertaining the groupies they have—and they probably have a lot. They attract them all from seeming closed off which makes their prospects even more thirsty 💁🏽

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