#Roommates, some things you should just know NOT to do. Well a woman in Arizona didn’t get that particular memo, but she DID get way more than she bargained for after climbing into a jaguar cage to take a closer look at the wild animal.

On Saturday, the woman visited Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park and decided to climb a barrier between her and a wild jaguar to snap a pic. Needless to say, she was attacked but thankfully, she didn’t suffer life threatening injuries. She has since returned to the zoo and apologized for her actions, saying she “feels horrible about the bad publicity the zoo is getting regarding the incident.”

On the flip side, the zoo has promised to keep the jaguar safe despite the recent attack. In a tweet they said: “We can promise you nothing will happen to our jaguar. She’s a wild animal and there were proper barriers in place to keep our guests safe- not a wild animals’ fault when barriers are crossed. Still sending prayers to her and her family.”

Apparently, during the attack no employees were close enough to stop the woman from entering the jaguar’s cage.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/10/us/arizona-zoo-jaguar-attack/index.html