Do you guys remember #AmandaPerez who sang ‘Angel’? “God send me an angellll from the heavens abooooooovveeee!” Y’all remember that song. 

Well, we caught up with Amanda just to see what she’s been up to all these years and how it feels to hear her fans sing “Angel” like it just came out yesterday! “It feels unbelievable! My fans sing at the top of their lungs and drown me out at times. I’m so blessed,” she tells us. 

So, what exactly has Amanda been up to ever since her career took off? She seemed to have flown under the radar, right? Well she did take time off to be with her mother who was battling colon cancer. “I completely stopped for a long time there was nothing more important than to be with her,” she says. 

Thankfully during this time, Amanda had support from her now wife Anitta! They have been married four years although they’ve been together for eight. 

Today, Amanda is still traveling and performing new music as well as some of her fan favorites. She’s actually finishing up a tour right now! “As of now, I’m just touring for the next 5 months. I’m also working on a documentary about my life.”

Amanda has a new song called “F*** Your Feeling” available everywhere! It’s currently got over 4 million views without help from radio plays. 😉

Check out some of Amanda’s oldies but goodies below:





TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG 

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