#WhereTheyAtNow: Hype Man Edition!! Remember Spliff Star & Fonzworth Bentley?

#WhereTheyAtNow: Hype Man Edition!! Remember Spliff Star & Fonzworth Bentley?

Spliff Star

We all know the legendary #SpliffStar who came up under the #Flipmode Entertainment label, now known as Conglomerate, alongside #BustaRhymes. He added the perfect comedic relief to videos like “Dangerous,” “Touch It” and “Pass the Courvoisier PT. 1” back in the day. Spliff also rocked every crowd just as hard as his big homie!

Today, Spliff makes his rounds at different industry events and continues to make music! He’s actually got a rap album called #Food on the way next month.



While he’s away from his projects, Spliff enjoys his daddy duties! He’s the father of two young boys and two beautiful girls, and he’s in a relationship with the mother of his youngest child.



Fonzworth Bentley

Whenever you hear the name “Fonzworth Bentley” you instantly think of a man who was dressed to the 9’s and usually yielded an umbrella in many of Outkast and Diddy’s music videos.

Today, Fonz is happily married and is the father of both a 4-year-old daughter and 19-month-old son!

He and his wifey Faune actually just wrote and executive produced two songs that will appear on next week’s #Blackish episode. They also did some choreography for the episode.




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