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#WhereTheyAtNow: J. Holiday Is Back With Some Music For The Soul And The Culture

When I need some slow jams for the late night, #JHoliday has always been one of my go-to artists. With songs like ‘Bed’ and ‘Be With Me,’ the mood was always set.

Longing for that #R&B sound, we caught up with J. Holiday to see what he’s been up to and to find out when we’re going to get some new music and it sounds like we won’t have to wait much longer–I’m talking like this week!

Since J. Holiday’s successful “Back of My Lac’,” he has put out three other albums including “Guilty Conscious” which was released independently in 2014, and has been touring across the country.

“When your passion is your passion, it’s hard to let it go,” he said about his music career.

He says he’s been working hard, trying to perfect his sound and has delivered his new single, ‘25 To Life,’ which drops this Friday. He says not only will his day-one fans be ready, he thinks the people will love it in general. He says the people say they want real r&b so he’s putting in some of the old with the new.

J. sees the current state of music as fun and feels other groups of people outside of the black community might not take the community seriously.

“I’m real into the culture, I want to see us all succeed and by us, I mean African-American people,” he said. “I think the music right now is fun but we have a responsibility to represent for our culture.”

His new album, which he promises is coming soon, will be entitled “Time.”

“I want (the fans) to understand that life doesn’t stop…Just keep living, keep loving, try to laugh.”

J. says his goal with the music is to help people get through something and he cleared the air saying if he ever rubbed anyone the wrong way with something he said, he hopes “they go back and try to understand what I said.”

Are y’all ready for some new music from J. Holiday, #Roommates? Let us know!

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