#WhereTheyAtNow: Petey Pablo Is Preparing A Comeback Complete With New Music & A Reality Tv Show!

#WhereTheyAtNow: Petey Pablo Is Preparing A Comeback Complete With New Music & A Reality Tv Show!

If you’re like me, then you felt some type of way that your name wasn’t a part of #PeteyPablo’s Freek-A-Leek, right? Well, maybe some of us will have a second chance at it, because the Raleigh Rapper is gearing up for a combeback! “I’m going to release some hell fire to the world with music,” Pablo tells #WhatsOnTap. The rapper does not have any kids and is not currently married, but tells us he’s trying to get like #ShannonSharpe and find him a #NicoleMurphy!

When it comes to his music career, the rapper speaks highly of his manager Rich Williams who he says motivated him to get back to business. “It’s like I’m working more so than ever, because I have someone that has pushed me and motivated me to work as hard as I have ever worked,” he said. “He believed in me to the point where it has made me want to do it again.”

After serving a brief jail sentence in 2014, Petey went on to appear in Lee Daniels “Empire” in 2015. He also produced another hometown hit called “Carolina Colors” which was used as a hype song during the Carolina Panthers’ 2016 NFC Championship Game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Petey will be continuing a career in television with a new tv show that will focus on his daily grind and hustle back to the top! The show is currently being shopped so hopefully we will see it soon!

One more thing that Petey is passionate about is creating new avenues for artists to shine. He will be hosting the “What Do We Have Here?” talent showcase. “In my eyes I am preparing to show to the world greatness,” the Raleigh rapper says. The competition at Imurj in downtown Raleigh on Dec. 15.


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Source: http://www.wral.com/petey-pablo-is-coming-back-helping-local-talent/17122391/


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