#WhereTheyAtNow: Roommates!! Omg do y’all remember #GottaTellYou by #SamanthaMumba (@SamanthaMumba)?! What about #BabyComeOnOver?! I played that song so much and it’s the reason my NOW cd stopped working back in the day 😂 

“Gotta Tell You” leaked at #4 for the Irish singer and sold over a million copies. Plus, “Baby Come On Over” went on to sell over 5 million copies and even earned Mumba a Grammy nomination! Following her musical success, Mumba went on to act and model before getting married and starting a family!

Today, Mumba is married to her husband of six years Torrey Scales and they have a three-year-old daughter named Sage! She is also still making music and living her best life with her cute little family!

Check out Samantha’s video for ‘Baby Come On Over’ and get all the nostalgia you can stand to get!


…we also can’t forget ‘Gotta Tell You,’ Roommates!!

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