Whew! Apple Will Reportedly Pay $1M To People Who Can Hack An iPhone

Whew! Apple Will Reportedly Pay $1M To People Who Can Hack An iPhone

#Roommates, it’s safe to say coming up on $1 million dollars (legally of course) isn’t something that just happens everyday. Let alone, coming up on $1 million for hacking!

So if you know how to hack a phone, or know someone who can hack a phone, you may want to listen up! Apple is taking their cybersecurity to new heights with a new “bug bounty” that will offer researchers (that’s just a nicer way of saying hackers) up to $1 million if they can find security hacks.

According to @Forbes, the bold move makes this the highest bug bounty offer from any major tech company.

Apparently, Apple isn’t just stopping at iPones. They’re also opening up the offer to their popular Mac computers. So this is how it would work, the full $1 Million would go to the researchers who are able to hack the core of iOS with zero clicks required.

The generous offer could be a power move to respond to reported leaks of iCloud accounts in the past. A few months ago Apple was sued after facial recognition software led to an accidental arrest. Though there is no true way to prevent all leaks, Apple is making sure it will be as difficult as it’s ever been.

Roommates, are you going to try to shoot for the $1 million bounty?


Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2019/08/05/apple-is-giving-out-hacker-friendly-iphones-plots-mac-bug-bounty-sources/#3ad1c1984f09


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