#Roommates, by now you’ve probably seen Alexis Sky going off on #BlacChyna for their little altercation at a cute lil’ after spot in LA. According to Alexis, she was in Blac Chyna’s VIP area and they were kickin’ it, that is until Chyna allegedly flipped a switch and turned on Alexis for no reason. See below for Alexis’ version of what happened:

After Alexis took to social media bout the whole thing, obviously everyone wanted footage. Cause as you know, if there’s no footage… did it actually happen?! SO we have to deliver the goods. We saw someone at the shindig caught the whole thing on camera:

Whew chile! I didn’t see Chyna run, but she was walking with a purpose that’s for sure! Chyna has yet to respond to any Alexis’ claims but it’s safe to say these two won’t be sharing a VIP anything together in 2019.