White man explains why he prefers black women over white women - video

White Man Explains Why He Prefers Black Women Over White Women | (Video)

Mmkaay! TikToker Jake took to the platform to answer his followers’ questions on why he likes black women so much as a white man.  Jake didn’t hold back and answered the question head on.

“If you see my account you know the stuff I like to talk about. A lot of sociology,” he said. “In my experience, I have better conversations about that with black women. That’s because it affects them. It doesn’t affect white women as much, they don’t think about it.”

He continues to say, “Black women don’t have an issue with my friends. I have multiple white girls be like ‘why do you hang out with so many black people?’ That’s because black people don’t ask me dumb questions like that.”

In Jake’s experience, he says that “white women will let you self destruct”, and “black women seem to genuinely care and want me to do better.” He adds that he “doesn’t feel that comfortable around white people,” claiming that “I feel like black people laugh with me and white people laugh at me.”

People were here for his explanation, commenting things like “Notice how he didn’t mention physical appearance ONCE,” and “Okay this is the FIRST time I’ve ever heard someone explain this in an unproblematic way.”

Another commenter said, “Notice how he did not bring down his own race or talk down on anyone while stating his preference.  Thank you sir, teach them how it’s done.”

What are your thoughts Roommates?  Are you here for Jake’s sentiments?

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