Whitney Houston's Estate Responds To Jerrod Carmichael

Whitney Houston’s Estate ‘Disappointed’ By Jerrod Carmichael’s Shocking Reference Of Singer’s Death At Golden Globes

Whitney Houston’s estate has responded to this year’s Golden Globe’s host Jerrod Carmichael mentioning the late singer during his monologue. According to TMZ, Whitney’s longtime manager and sister-in-law Pat Houston is “disappointed.”

Whitney Houston’s Estate Is Not Happy With Jerrod Carmichael’s Mention Of The Late Singer

A representative, on behalf of Pat Houston, spoke exclusively with TMZ. And stated that the estate is “disappointed” in Carmichael’s joke.

The Whitney Houston Estate is disappointed in the joke, and felt it was in poor taste.

In addition, it is reported that neither the estate nor anyone connected to the late singer, was informed of Carmichael’s joke before he spewed it on national television.

According to the outlet, it is still unclear if anyone at NBC was aware that Carmichael would mention the late singer as well.

Jerrod Carmichael’s “Distasteful” Joke Greeted Viewers, And Attendees, After A Commercial Break

According to TMZ, television viewers and event attendees were greeted by Carmichael when the show resumed from a commercial break. Carmichael said he was asked to give the venue a shout-out.

So, we are here, live, from the hotel that killed Whitney Houston, the Beverly Hilton.

Reactions can then be heard by attendees, some laughing and others groaning.

Social Media Was Quick To React To Carmichael’s Reference Of The Late Singer

Social media users were quick to express their disapproval of Carmichael’s reference to Whitney Houston and her death.



This guy wasn’t funny and that reference was not called for maybe he should educate himself, talking about death is not funny to anyone.


Yeah dumb statement wasn’t a joke


He got the second lowest ratings in history for the #GoldenGlobes2023 The lowest ratings in history were for the 2008 during the writers strike, where the ceremony was merely a televised press conference & someone read the names of the winners. What an idiotic host!


They revamped the show and it still wasn’t good enough. Once he started lecturing, I turned the channel. Worst host ever.

One social media users even make a TikTok video to express his sentiments.

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