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 Whole Foods Gets Hit With $500,000 Fee For Overcharging NYC Customers! 

Anyone who’s shopped at Whole Foods before knows that the prices are a bit higher than your average grocery store. 

 Y’all know it’s already expensive to live in NYC, so they really tried it! Over the course of at least five years, the company was regularly overcharging their customers. 

Their poison? Overcharging for pre-packaged goods. You know, the ones that are typically based off of weight. Inspectors were over the madness and put together an investigation. During the process they found out 80 items in over eight stores had inaccurate pricing! 

Of course Whole Foods wanted this to go away and agreed to pay up for the switch up. With the settlement agreement they will have to cough up half a milli ($500,000), and will now be required to have quarterly in-store audits. In addition, they have to train the employees involved in their weighing and labeling system on proper practices. 


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