The race for #Georgia governor is predicted to be a tight one, #Roommates!

With the #MidtermElections less than two weeks away, we’re not surprised to see some heavy campaigning going on but one Georgia resident actually spotted actor #WillFerrell literally going door-to-door for Democratic Georgia Governor candidate #StaceyAbrams, according to @TMZ_tv.

While he’s known for his comedic roles, Will was looking quite serious, encouraging people to vote as he was rocking his “Stacey Abrams for Governor” T-Shirt. As we’ve reported, if she is to win this historic race, she’ll be the first black woman to serve as a governor in the history of the United States! Will also took to Twitter with a message and his Stacey Abrams shirt on, pleading for young voters to turn out this election for the issues that are affecting them.

As y’all might know, Will is not the first celebrity to publicly support Abrams. There are others in Hollywood who are back her and she’s received donations to her campaign from celebrities such as John Legend, Jada Pinkett Smith, Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington among others.

Abrams previously spent 10 years in the Georgia House, where she served as her party’s leader in the chamber.

Abrams released a statement upon securing the Democratic nomination and said, “When the world said “no,” you joined our campaign. When the pundits pushed back, you shared our vision with your friends. And when logic whispered that what we’ve accomplished could never be because history had never made it so, you imagined more for Georgia.”

She continued, “I believe in our state, and I believe in our ability to imagine more. I believe that every part of Georgia is brimming with promise and untapped potential. But for too many of us, the question of our future remains unanswered. Not because we don’t try – but because our leaders never asked.”

We’ll keep you posted on this race and more, #Roommates!

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