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Willie Taylor Clarifies Why He Left His Wife & Children: “I Didn’t Want To Die So I Came To Get Some Peace”

Willie Taylor hopped on live to clarify a few things after his wife Shanda claimed he left her and their four children. “I love my family, but sometimes you need a break,” Willie said while overlooking the scenery in Sedona, AZ. The former Day 26 singer explained his decision to leave was to focus on getting his mind together. Willie kept it real, saying he didn’t want to die, so he came to get peace.

He noted that Shanda asked for money, and he sent it to her. However, he would’ve never taken the drama to the internet. He claims he wanted to leave the situation because it was toxic, and through the midst of everything, he wishes her well, and it’s all love. Willie also says that he has been communicating with his children, who gave him the okay to take a break and focus on his mental health.



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Shanda seemed to have gotten wind of Willie’s words because she changed the caption on her Instagram post shortly after, which sparked the drama. Her previous caption stated, “I’m gonna be completely honest I’ve never felt so good from the inside and out. The sad part is people don’t like to see it because they are used to you being unhappy. It scares them, so they put you through turmoil to break you and keep you down. Yes, the tags. You can’t hold me down if you tried. Let me aimlessly with four kids because you needed a break. Guess what they saddle on my back, girlfriend.”

Shanda kept it simple in her updated caption, which read, “Damn….period.” Commenters quickly called her out for the caption change, and Shanda responded to a few commenters, letting them know she changed it due to her kids. Roomies, drop a comment and let us know your thoughts on all this.


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