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WNBA Players Speak Out Against The Pay Gap Following LeBron James’ Historic Contract Signing


#LeBronJames officially became an LA Laker after signing his historical $154 million contract over the weekend! Now, get’cho money, Black man, but some people are calling out the disparity in the pay gap between NBA athletes and WNBA athletes. According to @Forbes, the starting salary for the WNBA is $50,000, whereas the minimum salary for an NBA player is $582,180.

On Sunday, WNBA rookie A’Ja Wilson voiced her opinion about this and tweeted, “154M ……….. must. be. Nice. We over here looking for a M but Lord, let me get back in my lane.” A twitter user tried to justify the gap by saying that Wilson was not as talented as LeBron, however he missed the point. She went on to say, “Ohh it’s about skill set? ???? because I heard a bench player gets paid more than …nvm.” #SkylarDiggins if the #DallasWings co-signed Wilson by tweeting, “A little bit louder now!! But get yo money black man.”

So, what can be done for female players to achieve better pay? Well, we spoke with 2008 Olympic gold medalist #CappiePondexter who now plays for the #IndianaFever. She tells us that she agrees that the WNBA athletes deserve a little more considering their skill sets and work ethic on and off the court. 

“In a course of 4 months we play 34 games, travel economy and still have to do appearances around the city we stay and sometimes in opposing teams cities. We deserve something a little bit more then what we haven’t dealt with the last 22 seasons!” she says. 

Still, she remains hopeful that some changes will be made and even offers some suggestions *cough cough* ???? “To me I feel like even if one thing changes we’re headed in the right direction ! That could be us maybe flying private or up the price of our average salary cap,” Pondexter said. 

Roommates, what are your thoughts?

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