#Roommates, a woman by the name of #NiaRucker is alleging #Casanova and his entourage attacked her after she pulled her phone out while they were all eating inside a diner called #GoodStuff.

In an exclusive Interview with @Pix11, Nia says she suffered a broken jaw, her tooth was knocked loose and has stitches in her face. Apparently after the waitress brought Nia her food, she went on IG Live to show it off and that’s when the alleged beat down took place!

Nia alleges one man of #Casanova’s crew put her in a chokehold and another dragged her across the diner. Nia also alleges Casanova grabbed her arm, her phone and deleted the IG live post.

Currently the #NYPD is investigating the case. We’ll let you know what happens #Roommates!

Source: https://pix11.com/2018/08/10/exclusive-woman-claims-she-was-attacked-by-rapper-and-his-entourage-at-nyc-diner/