Whew chile, some things truly leave you speechless! That’s the sentiment that many California lawmakers had recently when a woman took her stance on anti-vaccine administration too seriously by allegedly throwing menstrual blood.

Rebecca Dalelio allegedly threw blood from a menstrual cup onto the Senate floor during a recent California Legislative Session. As reported by @newsweek, Dalelio was accompanied by other protesters who wanted to drive home their opinion against vaccinating children, when she hurled the blood and stunned all those in attendance.

Six senators were hit by the menstrual blood Dalelio threw, which prompted the chamber to be evacuated and the senators to leave to shower and change clothes. After she threw the blood, Dalelio screamed “that’s for the dead babies!” Once she was escorted off the premises, witnesses said she had more to see about what she did, stating:

“Vaccines do cause injury and death, and I’m here and I’m doing this for the babies that died so their voices can be heard. So that they don’t die in vain. So that we are not here in vain. If we don’t, our voices will not be heard. Their blood is on your hands, you who make the laws.”

The woman taken into to custody by local authorities and charged with misdemeanor battery, felony vandalism and other charges that deal with interrupting state business and the ability of the Legislature to meet, as well as disrupting the legislative session. She was issued a bond of $10,000.

Dalelio was released from the Sacramento County Main Jail after her bond was paid, however there is no word on her sentencing date at press time.


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