Woman Claims Amber Rose Reached Out To Her Seeking Info About Amber’s Man Alex Edwards

Woman Claims Amber Rose Reached Out To Her Seeking Info About Amber’s Man Alex Edwards

Chile, a TikToker is putting Amber Rose on blast for allegedly sending her a series of messages inquiring about her connection to Amber’s man, record executive Alex “AE” Edwards.

The woman, who goes by Jasmine Rain, shared the alleged “Woman to Woman” moment between her and Amber in a video, which displayed a series of DMs between her and Amber among other receipts.

Based on what the messages allege, it seems Amber may have initiated contact with the woman.

Amber seemed quite upfront about what she wanted, letting Jasmine know she’s aware that Alex used to talk to her.

Amber also appeared to be quite honest about the whole situation in the alleged messages.

“I was being nosy and looked through his blocked list on his phone. You came up,” Amber allegedly wrote. “Then I found ur page and saw that you sent me a message. Didn’t know if you were trying to tell me something?”

Jasmine kind of picked up what Amber was putting down, but flipped the question back on Amber, asking Amber if she wanted to ask her something.

“I was asking if you needed to tell me something. I don’t understand why ur blocked. You can be honest,” Amber allegedly responded to the woman.

Jasmine then blasted Amber for allegedly sending her multiple messages, then following and unfollowing her.

Amber allegedly explained that she thought Jasmine couldn’t write back to her if Amber didn’t follow Jasmine.

The conversation was pretty dragged out, with Jasmine seemingly getting irritable with Amber’s inquiries. Then Amber got straight to the point and asked the woman if she was seeing Alex while he was with Amber.

Jasmine responded that she hadn’t been with Alex since he started dating Amber and then it appeared that Amber deleted all the messages she’s sent to the woman.

You can check out the alleged exchange below:


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