Woman Tricked Into Dating Her Female Best Friend For Two Years !! 

Woman Tricked Into Dating Her Female Best Friend For Two Years !! 

Gayle Newland is on trial for allegedly “Catfishing” the wrong person …. her bestfriend! But this catfish is more like a “50 Shades Of Gray” gone wrong !

The bestfriend, who wishes to stay anonymous, is alleging that she was tricked into dating Newland for two years. She says Newland even went as far as to use prosthetics to keep up her fake male identity. 

According to The Independent, the woman says she met Newland as “Kye Fortune”, who was supposed to be a half-Filipino, half-Latino young male, online in 2011. She says from there Kye told her a false story about him being in a bad car accident which led doctors to find a brain tumor. He was able to get out of seeing her many times by saying he was in the hospital recovering from surgery. 

“He was saying how much I had helped him get through his illness”, said the woman who also says Kye would use a high pitched voice whenever they were on the phone. ”(He said) it was a sign, we should get married, we should have kids, we were going to do all sorts of things.“ 

Interestingly enough, they did eventually meet but under one condition…. She had to wear blindfolds whenever they got up close and personal. She fell for it because Kye would tell her he was “anxious about the way he looked” and was ashamed of how he walked. She definitely needs to do better! 

What led to the master unveiling of Kye’s true identity was when they were about to have sex, the woman says she reached for his head but her hand got caught on something weird.

Next she says she just took off the blindfold and was shocked to find her bestfriend! “I just couldn’t believe it,” she said. The anonymous woman isn’t a lesbian, so she’s especially hurt by the actions of her “friend” and felt awkward about telling a doctor that she was raped by another woman. 

”He … Gayle … pulled the wool over my eyes. I don’t go for women, that is not my thing. I know you can’t compare rape case to rape case, I know I shouldn’t be saying this … I think I would have preferred it, I know it sounds sick, the fact that it was a girl. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I did not want to go to a doctor and say I was raped by a girl.“

Welp now Gayle is facing five counts of sexual assault for being the ultimate creep! The woman does regret not being “needy” and being “stupid” in the situation but now just wishes to return back to a normal life. 

Ironically the woman had met Gayle because she claimed to know Kye! Moral of the Story: No New Friends! Let’s chat below!


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