A woman named Sarah Morin has been arrested after managing to steal $150,000 in cash and jewelry from professional boxer #JermallCharlo! He hung out at #JayZ’s 40/40 nightclub in NYC on Saturday and at around 3 a.m. he had got in a fight with security.

Somehow in the midst of all the chaos, someone had snatched his Louis Vuitton bag which was stuffed with $25K in cash, his championship rings, a pendant of boxing gloves covered in diamonds, and other valuables totaling $125,000.

Morin ended up turning herself in after police saw her in surveillance footage leaving the club with the bag. Not only that, but she was with five other women, one of which who gave the bag to a woman in the club. Morin returned everything in the bag except the cash which just helped her catch a grand larceny charge as well as a criminal possession of stolen property charge.

Her attorney Gerard Marrone released a statement which makes it seem that Morin could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. “One of the bouncers handed the bag to her and she ran for her life. She was the last one that held the bag and that’s why she was arrested,” he said.

We’ll see if the judge buys that when she heads to court!

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Source: https://www.vladtv.com/article/242029/woman-caught-stealing-150k-worth-of-goods-from-pro-boxer-at-40-40-club