Woman Details Having Twins After Meeting Sperm Donor On FB

Woman Details Welcoming Twins After Meeting Sperm Donor On Facebook: ‘You Can’t Wait Forever’

Sarah Mangat, 34, was on a mission to become a mother, and a Facebook group called “Canadian Sperm Donors” helped make this dream a reality!

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The Sperm Donor Supported Sarah Through Her High-Risk Pregnancy

According to PEOPLE, Mangat discovered the group in July 2020 when she began exploring options to start a family.

While she initially wanted to use a sperm bank, Mangat felt the process was “too impersonal.” She explained, “At the sperm bank, you can only meet them when your child turns 18. But I wanted to know the person before that.”

Eventually, after undergoing genetic testing and STI screenings alongside a potential donor, the pair met in person in February 2021. Fast forward to November, and she discovered she was pregnant with twins.

While she was “delighted,” she added, “I nearly had a heart attack when they told me there [were] two.”

The pregnancy didn’t come without complications, though, as Mangat was at risk of going into premature labor or losing the pregnancy. However, she had her sperm donor right by her side. Warmly, she notes that they “actually became quite good friends.”

“We actually became quite good friends because he stuck with me through all my fertility issues.”

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The Mother Says It Was ‘The Best Decision’

In April 2022, the twins — Elora and Addison — were born at only 27 weeks. As a result of being born so prematurely, the babies had health issues ranging from jaundice to brain bleeds and underdeveloped lungs.

Ultimately, the twin sisters were in the NICU for over two months, and Mangat recalled the period as “difficult.”

“Every day, I left the hospital at 5 p.m. and go home to an empty house. That was a difficult part about doing it by myself.”

Despite hardships, Mangat says she’s extremely pleased with her decision, and her daughters recently celebrated their first birthday.

“You can’t wait forever for the right person to come into your life.”

In fact, she says securing a sperm donor was “the best decision” she had ever made. She also encouraged others considering the option to “do it.”

“If you’re thinking about doing it alone, I say do it. It’s the best decision I ever made.”


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