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Xi Omicron Iota Sorority allows Transgender Prospectives Into Greek Life

With times changing around the acceptance of the LGBT community, one sorority  at Missouri State University has recently decided to join in on the action! 

 70+ members strong,  Xi Omicron Iota Sorority, has just announed that they are going to start accepting  transgender students who “identify as a girl.”

Members of the sorority believe while transgenders are becoming more open; fraternities and sororities should be leading supporters with the change. 

Member, Kara Venzian, was the member who suggested the idea of accepting transgender members  and when the idea was originally proposed to the chapter, everyone seemed to be all for it. 

The current president of the sorority, Danielle Marquard says, “Transgender equality is a hot topic right now and it’s something everyone is paying attention toWe have a lot of open and welcoming women in the chapter.” 

There hasn’t been any word about any transgender women attempting to pledge thesorority  or if the soriorty even has a member that is transgender but the change has been effective immediately which is just in time for the sorority’s fall recruitment rush. The chapter is local and is not related with any national orginization.  

Let’s chat below, do you think other fraternities and sororities should follow in their footsteps?



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