Last month, an old video of XXXTentacion and a female resurfaced where it appeared he slapped her in the head.

Now the rapper is reportedly suing the woman for fraud and defamation after he claims she lied about what really happened, and started to hit him up for money.

According to TMZ, XXXTentacion’s manager reached out to the woman after the video was posted. The woman’s grandparent’s reportedly reached back out to the rapper and his team and asked what he was willing to do to “make everything good.”

According to the lawsuit, the grandparents alleged that XXXTentacion had thrown a BB gun at their granddaughter’s face prior to the hit that was seen on video. He claims that they asked for $300,000 in exchange for the woman’s silence.

XXXTentacion also states that the woman also threatened to hold a press conference to call him out as a frequent woman abuser.

The rapper claims the woman also lied in a message posted to her social media, where she claimed she was “terrified for her life,” which is why she didn’t come forward about the incident sooner.

According to his side of the story, the two were playing around and he had been dancing behind her before he “tapped her in the back of her head.”

He believes this woman and her family are trying to take advantage of his current situation. He is currently awaiting trial for the alleged 2016 domestic violence incident involving his ex-girlfriend.