XXXTentacion’s Mother Hit With 10K Hospital Bill Following Anniversary Of Rapper’s Death

XXXTentacion’s Mother Hit With 10K Hospital Bill Following Anniversary Of Rapper’s Death

Even in death, unfortunately bills still have to be paid. That’s the concept that late rapper XXXTentacion’s mother is dealing with after she just found out that the hospital where her son died is now demanding $10,000 from his estate for unpaid hospital fees.

It’s been a little over a year since rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed in Florida following a visit to a local motorsport store. Now, according to @TheBlast, X’s mom, Cleopatra Bernard, was sent a bill from the North Broward Medical Center where her son was treated for over $10K…$10, 417.26 to be exact and the hospital wants its money ASAP.

This could prove to be difficult considering the growing list of issues currently surrounding X’s estate. Bernard is in the midst of a legal battle with X’s former friend/music producer James H. Duval (aka Jimmy Duval) and Stache Records, stemming from the claims that they are owed over $1 million. The claim further states Duval and Stache Records are owed money relating to “royalties, contribution, breach of contract/copyright infringement regarding the production marketing and distribution” of the song “Look at Me,” which Duval claims to have written.

Then, there’s the recently granted petition filed by X’s baby mama Jenesis Sanchez, which officially allows her to obtain a DNA sample from the medical examiner to confirm the paternity of her child as belonging to X.

Although before his death he drafted documents stating that his mother be in charge of his estate, X’s father Dwayne Onfroy, recently showed up to court proceedings asking to be included in decisions regarding his son’s estate related to music, money and other business dealings.


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