Y'all Trying It? Wendy's Unveils Limited-Time Strawberry Frosty!

Y’all Trying It? Wendy’s Unveils Limited-Time Strawberry Frosty!

Alright now! Wendy’s is coming for the summer and for your tastebuds with a new menu item that customers have been begging for…and it’s finally arrived. After teasing a bit on social media, Wendy’s just confirmed its brand new Strawberry Frosty, which is the company’s first new flavor in three years.

June has just started, and Wendy’s is giving its customers something sweet to usher in the summer season. @CNN reports, starting today, the Strawberry Frosty will be available at all Wendy’s locations for a limited time. Temporarily replacing its vanilla flavor, the Strawberry Frosty is only the second new frosty flavor added to U.S. menus within the past 16 years, when the Vanilla Frosty was added back in 2006. When the popular fast-food chain celebrated its 50th birthday, a Birthday Cake Frosty was briefly added in 2019.

The decision to add the strawberry frosty flavor to the U.S. is likely due to the success it achieved when it was added to Wendy’s menus in Canada last year—where it quickly became one of the company’s “most talked about items,” according to Wendy’s Chief Marketing Officer Carl Loredo.

From there, the company decided to test out the new flavor in a handful of cities and the response was overwhelming. “The net of it was that we ran out of product halfway through the program because people loved it so much. It’s highly anticipated [and] I dare say as anticipated as the launch of our spicy nuggets,” he said.

If you want even more strawberry sweetness, the Summer Strawberry Salad is also making its return to menu—and also for a limited time.


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