Yessss! Lizzo Launching Her Own “Size-Inclusive” Shapewear Line Called YITTY

Yessss! Lizzo Launching Her Own “Size-Inclusive” Shapewear Line Called YITTY

Lizzo continues to expand her brand beyond music and her latest business venture involves diving headfirst into the crowded field of shapewear. After teasing her fans about a big announcement, Lizzo finally revealed that she has a brand new “size-inclusive” shapewear line in the works called YITTY.

@PaperMagazine reports, named after what she was called during her childhood, YITTY is the new shapewear line from Lizzo that aims to provide undergarment support to women of all shapes and sizes. Ranging from sizes XS to 6X, Lizzo explained her concept behind launching YITTY.

“Instead of thinking about size in this linear way, we’re thinking about it on a spectrum where everyone is included. It’s not high, it’s not low. It’s not big, it’s not small. It’s just your size. I was constantly being told through TV and magazines that my body wasn’t good enough. And, in order to be considered ‘acceptable’ I had to inflict some sort of pain upon it to fit into an archetype of beauty,” she said.

Underneath its parent company Fabletics, YITTY is launching on April 12th with three initial collections: Nearly Naked for seamless shapewear, Mesh Me for underwear-turned-outerwear and Major Label for functional, everyday pieces. The color palette of YITTY consists of flattering neutrals, bright neons, functional solids and eye-catching abstract prints. The shade names of the shapewear are inspired by her music, such as “Moody B**ch Taupe” and “Tempo Lavender,” which Lizzo says is because “these color names alone should make you feel like that b**ch.” Prices for YITTY range from $14.95 – $69.95 for VIP Members.

Additionally, Lizzo detailed that the launch of her brand was inspired by the current shapewear on the market, which she thinks is outdated. “I was tired of seeing this sad, restrictive shapewear that literally no one wanted to wear. I had an epiphany like, ‘who can actually do something about this?’ I decided to take on the challenge of allowing women to feel unapologetically good about themselves again,” she said.

YITTY’s mission surrounds the idea of emphasizing and celebrating your natural body instead of hiding it the way most shapewear brands encourage customers to do.

You can officially shop at beginning April 12th.

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