It looks like YG is the latest rapper to have thousands of dollars worth of jewelry stolen from him, and he is not having it.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources revealed that YG filed a police report on Monday in Los Angeles for grand theft. He reportedly told police that more than $400,000 in personal jewelry had been recently taken from his hotel room at the London.

YG reportedly claims the theft took place between 11 pm on New Year’s Eve and 11 am the following morning. He had a briefcase that contained the pieces of jewelry, and the briefcase had been place on top of a safe. He later noticed that it had been a little lighter than usual. He told police that he noticed the pieces of jewelry were missing on January 1st and he made an official police report a few days later.

At the moment, there have been no suspects identified, but YG did not that people were coming in out of his room that night.

Authorities will reportedly look into possible surveillance footage in and around the area to see if they can spot anything.

As we previously reported, Boosie Badazz was another rapper that recently had jewelry stolen from him, However, he had the $70,000 worth of jewelry stolen out of his car. After the theft took place, he went on social media to vent about the incident and encouraged the suspects to share their location.

There have been no updates on whether the jewelry had been returned to him or not.