YK Osiris Shoots His Shot At Reginae! "Your Daddy's Going To Like Me" (Exclusive Video)

YK Osiris Shoots His Shot At Reginae! “Your Daddy’s Going To Like Me” (Exclusive Video)

Roommates, love is in the air, at least for YKOsiris it is, we caught up with him briefly and he spilled some tea on what’s been up with him and how he still has his eye on Reginae!

Now if you’re wondering why we said “STILL” shooting his shot at Reginae, well last year we posted about his comments during a live she was having. In the comment section he was letting her know that she’s the “baddest in the game” to him and really wants her to take hm seriously. See what he had to say below:

Reginae hasn’t publicly responded, so naturally YK Osiris decided to kick things up a bit. In a video he exclusively shared with. us, he mentioned that he still had his eye on Reginae. Of course, we didn’t want to let the opportunity pass to let him know now is a great time to let her know how he truly feels! See his video shooting his shot at Reginae below:

Now, as far as we know, Reginae is a single woman! (She has 24 hours to respond)

He also spilled a little tea about his boxing matches. If you’ve been keeping track, YK Osiris has been having friendly boxing matches with his fellow rappers. He’s fought the likes of Tory Lanez, Desiigner, Blueface and Lil TJay! He even challenged Drake to a match, and Drizzy responded:

He said the boxing efforts were all to just have fun and said he was most surprised by Blueface’s boxing skills. Anyway, the real question here is, would y’all be here for YK Osiris and Reginae 2020?

Let us know!


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