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YK Osiris Takes A Tumble At Boosie’s House During ‘Crate Challenge’

If is one thing Boosie is going to do on Instagram, it’s keeping his followers entertained. As videos of people doing the ‘Crate Challenge’ have been popping up on folks’ timelines all week, Boosie wanted to take it up a notch. Today he shared a video on the ‘gram offering to have the challenge at his home in Atlanta where the winner(s) can take home cash. With $1000 on the line, folks showed up at Boosie’s home ready to take on the task.

After the crates were set up, the ‘Zoom’ rapper went back to Instagram and showed footage of the not-so-lucky participants that tried their hands at the challenge. First, was his son Tootie Raww, who did not make it past the end. While attempting to go down the second half of the crate, he took a tough tumbled with his shirt off. Spectators laughed and watched as two other men and a woman also tried their luck but as you suspected they fell as well.

The challenge got interesting when R&B singer YK Osiris, dressed in all white, took off his shoes and began to climb the crates. As he made his way up, one man could be heard in the background saying, “What’s his song name?” Just as a female spectator started singing out the song lyrics to his song ‘Worth it,’ YK took a hard fall. YK reposted the video on his Instagram with the caption,”@hesbackagain2021 had me doing this bulls**t. I almost had the 4,000. Damn …. my back hurting like damn lol.”

Roommates are y’all going to try the ‘Crate Challenge?’

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