Young Thug YSL Co-Defendant Calls For Mistrial After Video Leaks

(WATCH) Young Thug’s YSL Co-Defendant Calls For Mistrial After Interrogation Video Leaks To Press

A lawyer representing one of 14 Young Thug’s YSL co-defendants is calling for a mistrial after an interrogation video was leaked to the press, The Shade Room has learned

On Tuesday, Gina Bernard filed a motion for her client Jayden Myrick, saying that he had his Sixth Amendment right to an impartial and fair jury violated due to the leaked footage.

Lawyer For YSL Co-Defendant Jayden Myrick Requests Mistrial After Interrogation Video Leak

Bernard went on to say the video that surfaced online was jeopardizing Myrick’s chance for a fair trial and an unbiased jury, even if the video did “not directly implicate my client,” she told the Fulton County court.

“While said evidence may not directly implicate my client, it along with all of the publicity and courtroom incidents since the start of this trial … make it impossible for him to receive a fair trial, as well as a jury that is honestly and truly fair and impartial.”

Leaked Video Shows YSL Associate Being Interrogated By Atlanta Detectives For Almost Four Hours

The video in question shows a Young Slime Life associate speaking with Atlanta detectives for almost four hours after his October 2021 arrest.

The footage, which was uploaded to YouTube among other websites, has been seen millions of times as of this article’s publication, according to prosecutors.

During the interview, Woody, born Kenneth Copeland, provided information to officers about their ongoing YSL gang investigation in exchange for leniency. Copeland was reportedly called a “rat” and a “snitch” by commenters online, who said he “deserves every bullet he got coming.”

“The video featured a live chat function, which drew commentary referring to the witness as a “rat” who “deserve every bullet he got coming.” The video has also drawn commentary on YouTube and on the witness’ personal Instagram page, referring to the witness as a “rat” and a “snitch” whose death is warranted or even a foregone conclusion.”

It’s unclear who leaked the video, but prosecutors wrote they have “absolutely no interest in leaking this video to members of the public, as its dissemination serves only to intimidate and harass witnesses called upon by the State to testify in a very serious and high-profile case.”

Co-Defendant In Question Found Guilty, Sentenced To Life In Prison Last Year For 2018 Murder

Myrick, who goes by “SetTrip” or “JayMan,” was found guilty last year of robbery and murder outside a wedding venue in the Buckhead community, leaving a father dead.

He was sentenced last year to life in prison without parole for the July 2018 killing of Christian Broder, who was shot to death after a wedding.

Officials say Myrick and co-defendant Torrus Fleetwood saw four people waiting to be picked up outside the Capital City Country Club and proceeded to rob them at gunpoint.

Myrick’s current trial revolves around the case of rapper Young Thug, who prosecutors claim is the leader of YSL, a street gang known for violence throughout Atlanta.

However, Williams’ lawyers claim that YSL is merely a record label and nothing more.


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