Yung Bleu Denies Copyright Infringement Claims From Music

Yung Bleu Denies Copyright Infringement Claims From Music Producer–States The Producer Received Payment (Exclusive Details)

‘Mo Money, Mo Problems.’ Yung Bleu has been having a poppin’ year since releasing his hit single, ‘You’re Mines Still,’ last October. With the help from #Drake, who hopped on the remix, the single is now RIAA certified platinum! Bleu isn’t an overnight success, the Alabama native has been grindin’ since 2013, and after a couple of years, he was discovered by Boosie, who then signed him to his  BAD AZZ MUSIC SYNDICATE. Now that Bleu is known in the industry and has reached a certain level of success, one of his former producers is calling him out.

According to reports from TMZ producer Ice Starr is suing Bleu and Boosie over the hit songs ‘Miss It’ and ‘Ice On My Baby,’ which Bleu released in 2017 and 2018. While Bleu is an independent artist signed to Boosie’s BAD AZZ MUSIC SYNDICATE, they have a partnership that allows Bleu to keep the masters to his music. Ice claims that he hasn’t received any royalties for the songs he produced and that Bleu used his instrumental work “without his knowledge, authorization, and without any compensation whatsoever.”

In addition, Ice claims that Bleu also used his beats on his popular mixtape series ‘Investments 5’ which he claims boosted Bleu into a superstar. According to reports, Ice alleges that BAD AZZ MUSIC SYNDICATE persuaded him into what he claims is an invalid agreement to sign away his rights after ‘Miss It’ was released without his knowledge. He is currently suing for copyright infringement, payment, and future royalties from Bleu’s songs.

TSR spoke to Bleu exclusively, and he denies the claims. “He [Ice] got paid for all the beats he did on that project,” stated Bleu. “We were on the come up together. He was an unknown producer. The songs just happened to blow up after he sold his rights,” he explained. Bleu continued, “He sold his rights to my manager, Taquari (Boosie’s brother), for $1,500. He didn’t know it was gonna blow up.”

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