Yung Miami Playfully Doubles Down On "Next Black Oprah” Quote

Yung Miami Hilariously Doubles Down On “Black Oprah” Aspirations After Twitter Trolls Her

Yung Miami is going to be the next “Black Oprah” and that’s just THAT!

The rising media star already has a hit show with “Caresha Please” so she isn’t phased by people mocking how she expresses herself. In a recent interview, Caresha Brownlee made a quip about becoming the next “Black Oprah” and sparked some negative comments online, however, she’s doubling down in Tweets to remind everyone that she said what she said.

Yung Miami told XXL in a recent interview that she intends to build her legacy in the media game, after already scoring a number one podcast on Apple. That’s when she shared her plans to take over as the next “Black Oprah.”

XXL: First of all, congratulations on your new podcast, Caresha Please. You keep on grabbing headlines. What’s the story of how that came together behind the scenes?



Yung Miami: People just loving to hear me talk, you know? Whenever I talk or whenever I go on [Instagram] Live, it go viral. So, one day I was talking with Diddy and he was like, “Yeah, [you] should do a podcast. It would be good for you,” and that’s how it came out. It was just a conversation of me just always going viral off the way I talk and the engagement that I used to get off of Instagram Live. What’s a goal that you want to accomplish with this new podcast endeavor? I want to take it to the next level. I want to be like—I think she has a podcast now—a person like Wendy Williams. I’m dreaming big. I want to go to the highest of the highest. I want to be the Black Oprah. Sub out the world “next” for “Black” or “Hood Version” and it’s clear what Yung Miami was going for at the moment but that doesn’t matter in the vicious world of social media. And for your information, Yung Caresha is standing on her words.

Twitter Has Jokes On “Black Oprah” Comment

A plethora of Tweets poured in, criticizing the South Florida rapper for how she described seeing her future as the next “Black” version of someone who is already Black. But Caresha fired back, showing off her sense of humor:

I don’t like being basic like y’all h*es! My sh*t always got a twist to it!

We heard you! Roomies, what did you think about Yung Miami calling herself the “next Black Oprah?”



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