Yung Miami Says She's READY To Be Love & Stop Being 'Outside'

Yung Miami Says She’s READY To ‘Love Again’: ‘This Was My Last Summer Being Outside!’

Well, well, well! With summer still in full swing, Yung Miami is declaring that she’s ready to stop “being outside” and fall in love again!

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Caresha Gets Sentimental Before Setting The Record Straight

On Wednesday (Jul. 26), the City Girls rapper hopped on Twitter and proceeded to open up to her followers.

She wrote, “I’m ready to be in a relationship & love again!” Yung Miami was sure to also point out that this would be her “last summer being outside.”

We should add that this statement was followed with an additional tweet, as Caresha declared, “I just wanna get money and be under my N***a, that’s it!”

Shortly after that, she shared a voice note and referenced the phrase, “It’s two things I never seen. A UFO and a b***h I need. Or a n***a.” 

So, while she’s ready to be in love and stop being outside, don’t get it twisted!

Yung Miami’s Bond With Diddy

While on the subject of Yung Miami and romance, we should touch on her bond with Diddy.

Rumors about the pair first began circulating back in the summer of 2021, and Caresha eventually remarked that being with Diddy was the “first time” that she’s experienced love with “no secrets” and total openness.

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After confirming that she and Diddy ended their lil’ “situation” in April, she seemingly suggested that they were hangin’ out and doing their thang again.

Specifically, the South Florida-bred rapper proclaimed, “Acting bad with the n***a I told y’all I was done with.” 

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