Yung Miami Responds To Shannon Clermont On Twitter After She Called

Yung Miami Responds To Shannon Clermont On Twitter After She Called Her Out For Copying Her Pose

Inspiration can come from different places, but everyone wants their just due when it comes to credit. Earlier today, the City Girls dropped a video on their social media accounts alerting fans that they’re dropping something tomorrow at 3 PM. In the video, JT & Yung Miami brought looks, cute hair, and extra-long nails, while their song “Twerkulator” played in the background. Fans of the duo were very hype because they assumed that it might mean the sample for the song was officially clear. While many folks were feeling the teaser video, however not everyone was pleased.

Shannon Clermont, who is 1/2 of the Clermont twins, seemingly went to her Twitter and called out the City Girls for copying her and her twin sister Shannade’s signature pose. She tweeted, “It’s the mood board for me. They hate… Then they copy. Were they like, “Can you recreate this pose the Clermont twins did?”


Commenters quickly put two and two together and called out Shannon. One tweeted saying that she was weird because the City Girls like and support the twins. Shannon quickly shut down any issue by tweeting I love Caresha. Shannon also went to Instagram and shared photos with her twin doing the pose, saying they were “the blueprint.”


Yung Miami quickly responded and cleared the air by tweeting, “ I actually love both of y’all and openly support y’all @ShannonJessie. Nobody is discrediting y’all. I’m not with the shady s**t. Let’s not go there!” Miami then addressed the mood board tweet, saying that it wasn’t on her mood board, but she told JT that they should try the poses because they thought it was cute.


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